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Top 3 Advantages of Renting in a Sectional Title Complex

Sectional title complexes offer numerous advantages to its residents, especially tenants, which is one of the reasons why the numerous sectional title schemes within the northern suburbs of Johannesburg have seen continued strong rental demand.

“While factors such as location and amenities are always important when looking for a place to call home, there are a number of advantages to renting a property in a sectional title complex,” says Chris Renecle, MD of Renprop.

He points to the top three advantages of renting in a sectional title complex as being:

  1. Sense of security:

Security is the number one factor that influences where people choose to live. Sectional title complexes are known for offering good security features. These typically include boundary walls with electric fences as well as strict access control and physical guards. “This level of security makes sectional title units ideal lock-up-and-go properties, which appeals to many tenants,” says Renecle.

  1. Communal facilities

Sectional title schemes often provide residents with communal facilities such as park areas, swimming pools, tennis courts and clubhouses, encouraging a sense of community living. “These kinds of features add greatly to the lifestyle appeal of sectional title complexes, without weighing on the tenant in terms of maintenance and upkeep,” says Renecle.

  1. Keeping the costs down

The rental prices for a unit in a sectional title complex are often much cheaper than rentals for a full title home. In fact, Renecle points out that tenants in sectional title complexes benefit from the communal facilities, and don’t have to worry about taking care of the garden and any other external maintenance issues on the actual property as this is all covered by the service providers hired by the body corporate, and so the cost thereof will be included in the monthly rental. Furthermore, because the municipal services such as water and electricity are often shared among all the owners of the sectional title scheme, the costs for these services are usually lower than they would be in a freestanding home.

Renecle concludes by saying that overall, tenants in sectional title complexes benefit from being able to live in a secure, well kept home for a reasonable price. “This is what makes sectional title rentals value for money and appealing to such a wide spectrum of tenants from up and coming executives and young families and older folk looking to downsize and everything in between.”