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Be The Difference

Perhaps, for you, creativity and business are inseparable? It could be the great ideas that keep you up at night, or the way you question conventional wisdom?  If these are the things that set you apart, perhaps it’s time to consider a better business fit?  
  • Partnerships – Renprop and its development arm has successfully marketed many commercial and industrial properties over the past 12 years.
  • Teamwork – Be an Entrepreneur in a focused team.

Opportunities for career growth in residential sales and rentals

Opportunities for career growth

Aside from selling sectional title units within new developments, sectional title specialists Renprop Residential, also manage sectional title residential sales and provide an integrated, one stop residential rental management service. 

Making real estate dreams a reality

The Real Estate Dreams Reality

As one of the largest providers of residential property in South Africa, Renprop, which was established in 1983, has been involved in over 49 residential development projects equating to 6 000 sectional title units that have been delivered to the market. 


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