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The Johannesburg suburb of Kelvin is situated to the East of the M1 highway and to the North of Marlboro Road. Kelvin is completely closed off by gates and traffic booms to ensure security, and may only be accessed from two points. Situated at the heart of Kelvin is the Meadway Sports Club in a green area run by the Johannesburg City Parks Department. To the East of the suburb is a large area of undeveloped ground known as the Research Station. Kelvin is one of Jozi’s best-kept secrets and is a very nice change of pace away from the busier and more congested areas of the city.

The leafy up-market suburb of Kelvin lies a relatively short distance from the Buccleuch Interchange, where no less than three major highways connect, to the East of M1 highway, making access to anywhere around the city fairly easy if there are no snags in the traffic. This gated suburb only two points of access and 24 hour security and is increasingly popular with residents of Johannesburg wanting easy access to Sandton, the business and entertainment centre of the bustling city. There are no schools in the suburb and only one small shopping centre, and visitors should ensure that they have some form of transport available to them. The whole of the area to the South of Kelvin consists of either light industry or the township of Alexandra. Kelvin is just a short distance from the Buccleuch Interchange where three highways meet. These are accessed at the Kelvin on ramp to the M1 highway.

One of the main advantages of working in Kelvin is the ease of access to the M1, the major tributary in and out of Johannesburg, and north to Midrand and Pretoria. Kelvin is also one of the suburbs best situated to straightforwardly reach the airport. Its proximity to Sandton is a bonus and one of the reasons the suburb has only one small shopping centre of its own. In the heart of Kelvin lies a tranquil green area run by the city as a park and sports club that lends the suburb, together with pretty gardens, a peaceful atmosphere and makes a stroll around the neighbourhood of Kelvin most enjoyable. There is no shortage of places to visit and things to do when staying so centrally. Kelvin is mainly residential, but commercial property in the area is highly sort after and A grade developments are a constant reminder of the encroaching spread of the Sandton CBD.