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Norwood is a very pretty suburb in Johannesburg bordering the suburbs of Orange Grove and Houghton. The suburb has a distinctive cosmopolitan atmosphere and the residents comprise a mix of cultures including Jewish, Muslim, and West African. Its’ streets are lined with trees making it a quintessential garden suburb, with many of its homes dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. Norwood is not unlike other suburbs popular for their street life and dining such as Melville, Newtown, Parkhurst and Greenside.


It is close to all amenities which makes it convenient for locals and visitors. The Norwood Mall is a complete one stop shopping experience - everyhting one could need is here, from food, fine dining, a pharmacy, banking facilities and more. Norwood is one of the more popular dining spots in the city, renowned for its celebrated restaurants and ethnic mix of cuisine, mainly based on Grant Avenue. 

The first impression of Norwood is the sense of a bygone era, indeed a suburb from a more civilized point in time. People are not scared to wander the streets as Norwood has an active community policing programme, which may account for the distinctly secure feeling of this quaint suburb. Despite Norwood’s position just up the road from the decaying hub of Orange Grove, it is far from in decline, possibly because of the influence of its other neighbour - Houghton, one of the wealthiest suburbs in the country. Norwood has the ambience of a quiet village, its homes dating back to the 1920s and 1930s and this bohemian, laid-back nature is reflected in the collection of small high street boutiques, coffee bars and cafés. Rosebank is a mere 10 minutes away, and Sandton City and its myriad shops, little more than 15 minutes away means you’re ideally placed to get into the city centre or to timeously reach Sandton’s CBD. 

Norwood is both diverse and appealing and is one of the quintessential vintage Johannesburg suburbs. There is a pleasant ambience of yesteryear in the ‘high street’ of Grant Avenue and surrounds. Norwood is ideal for small businesses operating from home and as such a lot of private practitioners in the medical services industry as well as small agencies in the media industry use residential Norwood properties as home offices. Commercial property in Norwood is a scarce commodity and thus in high demand. Older residential properties in Norwood have been converted to small scale office blocks, but don’t expect office parks on every corner in this retro suburban neighbourhood.