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Parktown Commercial Property

Commercial property in Parktown has become highly sought after. The area is situated just north of Rosebank in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg - one of the oldest residential areas in the city with a rather interesting history. The area is cosmopolitan, offering a great blend of old school charm and modern chic to anyone with refined tastes.  Parktown lies between Westcliff and Saxonwold, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Johannesburg, filled with rather imposing homes that could easily compete with those in London in terms of grandiosity.



The most affluent Parktown real estate is located within the heart of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and forms part of the affectionately titled ‘Parks’ area.  Beautifully treed roads flow through residential suburbia into vibrant high streets painted green with an abundance of parks and greenbelts. Parktown still holds an element of historical charm but is also a prominent business hub and is ideally located within a few minutes’ drive of the commercial hubs of Rosebank, Houghton and the Johannesburg CBD. It has excellent transport linkages to the M1 Highway and to Jan Smuts avenue – a major Johannesburg arterial road. Furthermore, it is well positioned with good access to the Gautrain train and bus network. The area affords its residents the best of both the residential and commercial worlds and this is why commercial property in Parktown is so popular. 

Today, Parktown remains one of Johannesburg’s elite suburbs and its’ Victorian homes are an enormous draw card to the area. Parktown originally served as the residential area for the prospectors who erected their oversized manor homes on Parktown Ridge during the gold rush of the 1890s. Today, these homes are much sought after as colonial-style mansions. When staying in Parktown, you’re ideally situated to reach the city centre and the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, including Sandton. The Johannesburg Zoo, and Zoo Lake, are close by, as are the charming villages of Parkview, Parkhurst, Greenside and Melville, both of which have restaurants , art galleries and a varied mix of little boutique-style shops that demand scrutiny. In addition there are several sports clubs, the Emmerentia Dam and the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens all on resident’s doorsteps and a number of offices in Parktown to rent. 

Parktown has an enviable village atmosphere even though it lies close to Jan Smuts Avenue - one of the busiest arteries in Johannesburg that makes getting around the city that much easier. Residential property in the area is snapped up by young, wealthy and fashionable elites who enjoy the old school charms of the more established northern suburbs. Parktowns’ proximity to Rosebank and Sandton is a major bonusfor renters and buyers. There are also the trendy villages of Parkhurst Greenside, Melville and Norwood with their attractive high street culture, antique shops, enticing eateries and coffee shops are all just a few minutes away, not to mention the strategic value of commercial property in Parktown for you own business. 

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