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Parkview is famous for its old houses and beautiful streets and offers the lifestyle of a bygone era. The streets are lined with trees and the original village atmosphere is well maintained. Parkview borders the suburb of Greenside and overlooks Zoo Lake, a park which lies on the opposite side of Jan Smuts Avenue from the Johannesburg Zoo. Parkview is part of the greater Rosebank area and just down the road from the commercial centre of Rosebank and its shopping mall. Parkview is a small picturesque suburb and is well appointed with schools, having its own pre-primary, primary and high schools.

There is a small business centre situated on Tyrone Road and in the centre of Parkview is the George Hay Park. Parkview is home to the Parkview Golf Club, which runs down the length of the western side of the suburb.

Parkview was formerly part of Braamfontein when the land was first surveyed in 1906 with sales following in 1907. Major John Wesley O'Hara (an Anglo-Boer War veteran) built his grand 3 storey home modelled after Kilkenny Castle in Ireland (he is also the reason why many of Parkviews streets are named after Irish counties). The original 1000m2 stands were sold for about £140 each. The timeless old suburb of Parkview is one of the few remaining areas in Johannesburg where South Africans can still stroll, cycle and jog along its tree-lined avenues. Parkview borders Saxonwold and Forest Town, both of which were developed as forest plantations (the beautiful old plane trees that line Dundalk Avenue are part of this original plantation). Add to this the fact that over a million blue and red gum, oak, pine and wattle trees were planted around Zoo Lake and the Johannesburg Zoo, and you can understand why Parkview is such a breathtakingly pretty suburb. 

Many of the old homes in Parkview have been overhauled and renovated, creating more contemporary living space whilst managing to keep the existing character of the pretty old homes here. And the charming little Parkview village complete with delightful shops, delis, restaurants and a village library on the suburb’s highstreet, where one constantly jostles for a parking space, only add to the character of a suburb that is over 100 years old. Parkview is just a few blocks from the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens, the Herman Eckstein Park and the Zoo Lake Sports Club. Parkview sits beneath the Westcliff Ridge. Just to the west of Parkview lie the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Lake and sailing club. Zoo Lake is a favourite ambling site of Johannesburgers. It takes about an hour to stroll around the lake, which, on the first weekend of every month, you can combine with ‘Artists under the Sun’ - an art market and tea at the popular restaurant at Zoo Lake.

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