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Rental Asset Management

Rental Asset Management

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LET US FIND YOU THE PERFECT TENANT, collect rent and maintain your property as your chosen managing agent!

The Rentals Asset Management Division is a well developed competency in the residential market that
manages rental assets on behalf of Institutional and Private Investors.

We offer an end to end solution where care is taken in sourcing the ideal tenant (with ITC, reference and affordability insight), to managing the collections, resolving maintenance matters and completing and retaining all the paper work that is necessary to a secure lease agreement.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Rent Collections and Arrears
  • ITC, reference and affordability insight of tenants
  • Once-off and Term lease agreements and renewals
  • Monthly Owner and Tenant statements
  • Owner and Tenant liaison
  • Payment of electricity
  • In and Out inspections of the asset
  • Maintenance of the Asset with agreed levels of authority
  • Annual investment review of your Rental Asset Portfolio

Choose Renprop as your managing agent!