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Auckland Park Properties

Auckland Park property is ideal for residents of the ever bustling city of Johannesburg where the trick is to find a quiet and peaceful suburb which is still close to the CBD, and therefore their jobs. Although this is often more difficult than we’d like,Renprop Residential is dedicated to making the experience as straightforward as possible for our clients and our selection of prime Auckland Park real estate ispart of that mission.

In the late 1800’s the suburb was primarily used by Victorian gentry as a holiday retreat during their trips through South Africa, and many of the beautiful houses reflect this. Auckland was originally designed by New Zealander John Landau yet many of the streets in the area are named after places along the river Thames - Richmond, Twickenham, Ditton, Kingston and others. 

Despite a rich history it’s the future prospects of Auckland Park houses which often attract new investors and the stable, supportive atmosphere which many couples find attractive for their children. With schools, libraries, stores and the University of Johannesburg itself in the area, most of what a person needs can be found directly within the suburb but the CBD is close at hand for those looking for a night out on the town. 

The suburb is located on a gentle slope which is crowned by beautiful homes and streets decorated by trees, and the neighbourhood itself offers a vibrant hum. Auckland Park real estate is in close proximity to the suburbs of Melville, Brixton, Westdene and Richmond. This adds to the desirability of Auckland property as spending time in neighbouring Melville is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, amidst the rustic boutique stores, sidewalk restaurants and let’s not forget the nightclubs. 

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