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Bryanston Properties

From its rural beginning, Bryanston Property has become one of the most valuable, most lucrative, upper middle-class residential nodes in Johannesburg. With its beautiful trees, landscaped greenery, views, access to anchors, arterials, motorways, commercial and business centres, shopping, services, entertainment, schools, recreation and health. It is not difficult to see why Bryanston Property is the prime choice for the more traditional family, both up and down sizing, buying for investment or purely for lifestyle reasons. 


Bryanston offers a sound investment and exceptional value supported by a prestigious address.

Bryanston is today part of the greater JoCity Metropolitan area, but is still roughly demarcated by the old Municipal boundary that was Sandton. It is a massive area of approximately 225kms², with its northern boundary running east/west along the N1, a western boundary extending along Homestead/Ballyclare Drive to Bryanston Drive/Main Road which forms its eastern border. A number of extensions have been incorporated during the last 25 years. Bryanston Property has been generally split into an East and a West side separated by William Nicol Drive. There are definite pros and cons to living in either side, depending on one’s own personal lifestyle priorities or preferences.

The key arterial access points are from William Nicol Drive, the N1 Highway and Rivonia Road. As part of the SANRA’s (South African National Roads Association) development program, major upgrades are taking place to enhance safety and improve traffic flow.

Bryanston Property has had a long and interesting history that spans some 70 years or more, and has seen itself transcend from rural market gardens, through a period of sprawling farm-style homes, to a modern era in which there is a diverse suburban blend of established, large luxury homes with garden, swimming pool and tennis court, pockets of secure, expensive, exclusive cluster homes, together with an eclectic mix of contemporary, designer apartments plus more affordable, multi-unit lifestyle townhouses. These are further fused with major commercial, retail and business service centres.

Bryanston was roughly established during the 1940’s and was essentially a suburb of large agricultural supply farms with a rural country ambience. It was given ithe name by Sir Abe Bailey, a pioneering property and township developer, after Bryanston Square – a landmark in London at that time. Bailey in fact, via his development company SA Townships, gave rise to the first formal township development, using showhouses to attract people. During the early 1950’s, mainly as a result of a depression, rural migrants descended on Johannesburg, resulting in more and more people moving northwards out of the near-Johannesburg suburban areas like Houghton, Yeoville and the Berea, to escape the effect of this rapid urbanization.  In turn, the more affluent living in Parktown, Rosebank and Oaklands for example, moved even further north to the new suburb of Bryanston, where they could reasonably buy a large piece of ground.

The main attraction of Bryanston Property was both the new infrastructure that was being developed and the appeal of a quieter, more rural country lifestyle that was still one hour from the centre of Johannesburg. In 1948 for example, as a gesture to people already living in the area and as an incentive to newcomers, SA Townships built the Bryanston Country Club. The period from the early 1950’s through to the late 1960’s was characterized by the gradual expansion into Bryanston as an area of large properties where horses and a horsy society were very much in vogue.  

In 1969, Bryanston was formerly established as a suburb of Sandton, a move which led to the tarring of roads and the introduction of essential municipal services. The land became more in demand and thus much more valuable, but retained its essential rural, large stand characture.

The most significant changes however, occurred during the middle 1990’s, coinciding with the post -1994 democracy era, when Bryanston was merged into Johannesburg to form part of JoCity Metro Council. It was a time of renewed optimism, greater financial stability, a growing upper middle-class society, a developing population of young executives, professionals and entrepreneurs and an emerging, aspirant class of previously disadvantaged. For businesses, this represented an opportunity to relocate to a more prestigious location from downtown Johannesburg.

For Bryanston Property, this was a time characterized by a different demand for residential housing. The 3 acre (12, 000m²) stands were being rezoned into smaller units. Those with panhandle potential were split into multi-stands of a single hectare and more recently, others into multi-unit zonings of 500m² individual erven. Sectional Title multi-storey developments of apartments and townhouses with densities of 15 – 30 units per hectare, were being launched to an ever-growing, population of buy-to-rent investors, and young, upwardly mobile end-user professionals and executives seeking both the new lifestyle, and the more affordable entry opportunity.

In addition to the traditional East/West split, Bryanston saw the introduction of numerous lower price extensions such as Beverley Gardens, Vandia Grove and Cowdray Park in the west, with Petervale and Kleve Hill Park on the east side. The extensions have been popular because they retained the essential prestige value of a Bryanston address, but at a lower entry price level.

Coinciding with the expansion of roads and services, the 1970’s saw the opening of the Bryanston Shopping Centre with its 55 stores, situated on the corner of Ballyclare and William Nicol Drive.  The Centre had as an anchor tenant, the first major Checkers retail store chain in the immediate area.

There was a period of time in Bryanston’s history where security concerns led to northward migration toward the new, secure residential golfing estates such as Dainfern and Dainfern Valley. Security in Bryanston has since been improved as a result of the Block Watch System and the controversial street closures. An active and dynamic policing forum further ensures a more secure suburb. Traffic congestion in Fourways has subsequently led many Dainfern people moving back to the Bryanston precinct and the southern side of the M1.

The greatest appeal of the Bryanston Property market still remains its upmarket positioning, its reputation as a family suburb, its aspirational quality, its quick, easy access/egress via arterials and motorways, its proximity to every conceivable service and recreational facility, the range and extent of its shopping and retail centres and most important, the range and extent of its leisure and entertainment facilities.

Bryanston is today an upper middle-class Sandton residential suburb and iremains one of the most highly sought after places to live.

Bryanston Property has enjoyed excellent growth and while house prices have recently remained fairly static, investment potential remains exceptionally high, both in terms of price maintenance and resale value.  Demand for corporate and other private rentals has risen dramatically.

Bryanston Property remains high on a desirability scale as it is renowned for its good property upkeep, sound structural condition and excellent location. In social terms, it is characterized by a high social status with upper income levels prevalent. It enjoys both a sound family and affluent childless singles/couples orientation. In purely economic terms, the area is known for its high owner investment levels, and confidence in its future value.

The residential face of the suburb has changed dramatically since the middle 1990’s, and while there is still a predominance of large family properties with garden, pool and tennis court, the emergence of a new vibrant, younger population together with the retiring “baby boomer class” has given rise to the development of both very expensive ultra-luxurious cluster-type estates, as well as Manhattan style apartments. In addition, the area has seen the emergence of the multi-unit, high density contemporary lifestyle, lock-up and leave townhouse complex of between 75 and 150 units.

While pricing, particularly at the top end, has stabilized, having escalated by some 30% 2 years before, demand is likely to start “pushing” prices up in the medium term, as businesses expand and more people move into the area where they work. Prices overall in Bryanston range from R500, 000.00 for a 1 bed townhouse to R2 ½  - R3 million for a top end apartment, R3  - 6 million for a top end cluster,  R3 - R5 million for a 4 bedroom family home, and R5 -R15 million for a super luxurious large home and property.

Bryanston Property is fortunate to have a so many attractive features. Topping the list is its central, convenient location, excellent access/egress, proximity to important service points and a vast selection of shopping, private and government schooling, excellent medicare, sports and recreation (golf, tennis, bowls, squash), fitness and health, cinemas, theatres, gambling, parks, libraries, churches, synagogues and mosques. Highlights which occur in the Bryanston Property area or in the immediate vicinity are:


Creches /Pre-primary/Primary 

  • Bryanpark Nursery School
  • Jays Nursery School
  • The Round Nursery School
  • St Stithians Pre-primary
  • Brescia House (pvt)
  • Bryanston Primary
  • Braynston Dual Medium
  • Bryandale Primary
  • King David Primary (pvt)
  • Micheal Mount Waldorf Primary (pvt)
  • Redhill Primary School(pvt)
  • Rivonia Primary
  • St Davids Marist College (pvt)
  • St Peters Preparatory Scholl for Boys (pvt)
  • St Stithians Boys Preparatory (pvt)
  • St Stithians Girls Preparatory (pvt)
  • Bryneven Primary 

High Schools  

  • Brescia House Ursuline Convent (pvt)
  • Bryanston High
  • Hyde Park High
  • King David High School (pvt)
  • Redhill School (pvt)
  • St Davids Marist College (pvt)
  • St Stithians Boys College (pvt)
  • St Stithians Girls College


  • Bryanston Shopping Centre
  • The Bryanston Organic Market
  • Cloisters Shopping Centre, Rivonia
  • Fourways Mall
  • Hyde Park Centre
  • Montecasino Centre
  • Mutual Village and Mews, Rivonia
  • Riverside Shopping Centre, Bryanston
  • Sandton City
  • Coachmans Crossing


  • Bryanston Country Club
  • Bryanston Sports Club
  • Jewish Guild Country Club
  • Johannesburg Country Club
  • Montague Country Club, Morningside
  • Rivonia recreation Centre


  • Ernest Ullman Park, Morningside Manor
  • Sandton Field and study Centre


  • Bryanston Library
  • Rivonia Library
  • Sandton Library – Sandton Square
  • Norscot Library


  • Fourways / Cedar Square
  • Hyde Park
  • Montecasino
  • Sandton City
  • Village Walk
  • The Teatro at Montecasino


  • Sandton Clinic
  • Morningside
  • Sunninghill Emergency Centre
  • Sandton Surgical Centre


  • Roman Catholic Church, Rivonia & Bryanston
  • Methodist -  Grosvernor Road, Bryanston
  • Methodist – Lone Close, Lonehill
  • St Mungo's, Grosvenor Road, Bryanston
  • Jewish – Chabad Sandton, Gallo Manor
  • Jewish – Sandton Morningside
  • Mosque – Morningside


  • The Bryanston Wedge
  • The Sloane Street Office Precinct
  • Dimension Data Campus
  • The William Nicol/Main Road Office Corridor
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Microsoft
  • Ogilvy and Mather
  • Bridgeport
  • Tiger Brands
  • Abland
  • Synovate 

The Bryanston Shopping Centre caters for the affluent community of Bryanston and its surrounding areas. The centre boasts 55 stores catering from beauty, fashion, food, services and more. The tenant mix appeals to the wealthy residents in the area and there is a diversity of superb coffee shops and top restaurants.

Set in the heart of its residential belt is the Bryanston Country Club. This is an established sporting and social facility enclosed in a secure haven of majestic old trees, lush green lawns, peace and tranquility. The club today boasts in excess of 2, 000 members who show a common appreciation for its environment. As one of South Africa's finest golf clubs, the Bryanston Golf Course is graced with undulating grounds and a wide variety of birdlife.

The Bryanston Organic Market, established in 1976, is an outdoor market that places emphasis on original, fresh organic produce, wholesome foods, natural fibres and fabrics, unique arts and crafts. It is a place to enjoy live music while savouring coffee and delicious cakes or muffins. It is a haven for those health conscious shoppers wanting to pass on the “healthy” world to their family and friends.

From its rural beginning, Bryanston has become one of the most lucrative, most valuable suburbs in Johannesburg. As far as its residential housing is concerned, the range and choice is extensive and satisfies both the top end and the entry level, aspirant buyer without ever losing its exclusivity or sense of community. From a commercial or business point of view, its proximity to Sandton City, one of the most important retail and business nodes in Africa, is a major draw card. In addition, the new rapidly developing Fourways node, places Bryanston Property in a niche market,  between the best of 2 worlds i.e. superb suburban living close to every amenity, sandwiched between 2 vitally important retail and business centres.  

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Bryanston

R 2,120,000.00
2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Bryanston

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Bryanston

R 1,960,000.00
2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Bryanston

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Bryanston

R 1,960,000.00
2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Bryanston