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Mill Hill Properties

If you’re interested in Mill Hill property we have a range of options to suit discerning buyers. The Mill Hill area is bordered by some of Joburg’s most exclusive northern suburb areas, making it an attractive option for prospective buyers looking for an established urban location with a stellar reputation and access to a wide range of amenities. The pristine neighborhood boasts tree lined roads while Mill Hill real estate options include everything from one bedroom apartments to townhouses, clusters and large family homes – all brilliantly catered to a variety of budgets


A great area for families, Mill Hill is a quiet, up market suburb that’s easily accessed by all major roads in Joburg. A variety of shops and services can be found in and around the area and its bordering suburbs, with everything from schools and healthcare facilities to boutique shopping spots, restaurants, entertainment facilities and more all available to anyone living in the greater Sandton area. 



Mill Hill houses, like those in Bryanston, Sandton and Hyde Park, are desirable because of their charm, size and opulent nature, offering prospective buyers or renters just a little bit extra when it comes to fittings, space and design. Some of the houses are old, having been established when the area first started to bloom, and possess an appealing old world charm, while some of the newer structures are built to modern, trendy perfection.   

Everything you could want or need is easily accessed with a ten minute drive, so anyone looking to invest in Mill Hill real estate will also enjoy the convenience of living in a suburban area that’s centrally situated. In addition to Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square, there are also a few world class open air shopping centres situated close by, which means that whether you need to do day to day shopping or are looking for something a little different, you will find it without travelling far. 

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