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Sandton Properties

High demand for Sandton property can be attributed to the area being considered, amongst other things, the financial hub of South Africa, with blue chip corporates being visibly present and new ones seeking a high image portfolio, wanting to move into what is this energetic financial hub of South Africa. The district of Sandton is now more than 30 years old and has become one of South Africa’s most significant collection of residential areas and major business and financial districts.


Today, the name Sandton and Sandton property is more of a distinctive, upmarket brand name describing a dynamic, holistic geographic area, rather than an individual municipality or suburb. It is segmented into a number of different, distinctive belts or regions, each characterized by its own level of suburban residential housing nodes, business and commercial precincts and even light industrial manufacturing areas. The Sandton region in fact, comprises some 55 different residential suburbs, some high end, others upper middle-class and some midlevel, but each with its own particular characteristics, features and appeals.

The Sandton district as we know it today owes its boundaries to the old municipal demarcation when it became a Municipality in 1969, following the previous municipal status given to Randburg. The name Sandton was simply derived from a combination of the names Bryanston and Sandown.  Sandton property can be defined in geographic terms as being some 600 kms² in extent, running loosely along the N1 east/west motorway as its northern boundary, its western limit by a line that runs from Jacaranda Avenue along Cumberland into Homestead Road, along Peter Place, into William Nicol Drive, to First Road Hyde Park, up to Melville, continuing along Rivonia, along Katherine, up to the Grayston interchange, along Wynberg and London Road to meet the eastern Bypass or N3. There are numerous suburbs that arguably fall within or outside of the Sandton property boundaries as they were originally defined.

The main access routes in and out of Sandton lie north along Jan Smuts Avenue and Oxford Road, the N1 motorway, and Witkoppen Road into William Nicol. An extensive upgrading program on the N1 will alleviate traffic congestion on its completion into Sandton. The other major transport initiative will be the introduction of the Gautrain from Midrand into Sandton and Johannesburg and outward to Oliver Tambo International Airport. Sandton currently has fairly quick access to both Oliver Tambo and Lanseria Airport.

Sandton itself encompasses many of the important points within the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg such as Sandton City, the Woodmead and Grayston interchanges and therefore provides a convenient, reachable system of road access. 

The history of Sandton is almost inextricably linked with that of Johannesburg and after the discovery of Gold on the Reef in 1886, an area North of Johannesburg that became Johannesburg’s market garden. Many large and affluent farm estates followed, populated by a class of landed gentry, hence the first emergence of what became known as the “mink and manure set”. Over a period some 70 years this agricultural rural society gradually became more domesticated and larger family homes started to spring into existence. This represented the early beginnings of the outlying Sandton suburbs of Bryanston and Rivonia which came into being. With this growth came new infrastructure and the introduction of tarred roads and a motorway linking Johannesburg and Sandton, which led to vastly improved communications and a further opening of the area. Demand for commercial and retail space continued unabated resulting in the construction by Rapp & Maister of Sandton City, which opened for trade during 1974. This development continued and the demand for commercial space in Sandton accelerated from the middle to the late 1980’s. Sandton property was cheaper at this time than that in downtown Johannesburg.

In 1994, Sandton was formerly incorporated into the greater JoCity Metro Council which signaled the start of the greatest transformation from a largely rural society into a bustling business metropolis. Huge socio-economic development and investment has subsequently taken place with massive plans under way for greater area management, control and development. The CBD of Johannesburg was rapidly moving into Sandton with all the resultant commercial implications.

Sandton today is a rich cosmopolitan fusion of both high end residential suburbs (the “silver spoon society”), upper middle-class suburbia, and less affluent middle-class suburbs. Grouped together within its confines are the Central Management District or Sandton Central, as it is known which not only includes Sandton City – 144, 000m² with over 300 shops, and The Village Walk, but a rapidly developing CBD housing the Sandton Convention Centre – 22, 000m² of meeting, exhibition and special event space – the largest in Africa, major 5 star hotels, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the headquarters of most the country’s leading financial banking and insurance companies. 

The face of Sandton has changed dramatically since the middle seventies, and today, while there is still a predominance of large family on large residential properties with garden, pool and tennis court, the emergence of a new vibrant, younger population together with the retiring “baby boomer” has given rise to the development of both very expensive ultra-luxurious cluster-type estates, as well as Manhattan style apartments and townhouse complexes. In addition, the area has seen the emergence of the multi-unit, high density contemporary lifestyle, lock-up and leave townhouse complexes of between 120 and 300 units.

While Sandton property pricing, particularly at the top end has remained fairly static over the last 18 months, having escalated by some 30% 2 years ago, demand is likely to start “pushing” prices up in the short to medium term, in the low end categories as businesses expand and more people come into the area wanting to live close to where they work. Prices overall in Sandton range from R500, 000.00 for a 1 bed townhouse to R2 ½ - R3 million for a top end apartment, R3 - R6 million for a top end cluster, R3 - R5 million for a 4 bedroom family home, and R5 - R15 million for a super luxurious large home and property. In Sandhurst, we have seen homes being traded in the R40 – R50 million bracket. The price prediction for Sandton by most experts is largely bullish in the medium to longer term. There are suburbs in Sandton which have become popular for previously disadvantaged people, which are trading at lower price points.

Sandton is fortunate to have a plethora of attractive features, benefits, influences and advantages. Top of the list is undoubtedly  its central, convenient location, excellent access/egress, proximity to important service points and a vast selection and choice of shopping, private and government schooling (crèches, pre-primary, primary and high), medicare, sports and recreation (golf, tennis, bowls, squash), fitness and health, cinemas, theatres, gambling, parks, libraries, churches, synagogues and mosques. The area can be divided into a Central or Southern geographic area, an Eastern, a Northern and a Western area.  Highlights which occur in each respectively or in the immediate vicinity are:

Primary Schools

  • Brescia House Ursuline Convent (pvt) (North)
  • Bryanston Primary (North)
  • Bryanston Dual Medium (North)
  • Bryandale Primary (West)
  • King David Primary (pvt) (East)
  • Micheal Mount Waldorf Primary (pvt) (North)
  • Redhill Primary School(pvt) (East)
  • Rivonia Primary (East)
  • St Davids Marist College (pvt) (South)
  • St Peters Preparatory School for Boys (pvt) (North)
  • St Stithians Boys Preparatory (pvt) (West)
  • St Stithians Girls Preparatory (pvt) (West)

 High Schools

  • Brescia House (pvt) (North)
  • Bryanston High (North)
  • Hyde Park High (South)
  • King David High School (pvt) (East)
  • Redhill School (pvt) (East)
  • St Davids Marist College (pvt) (South)
  • St Stithians Boys College (pvt) (West)
  • St Stithians Girls Collegiate (West)
  • The French School (East)


  • Bryanston Shopping Centre (North)
  • The Bryanston Organic Market (North)
  • Cloisters Shopping Centre, Rivonia (East)
  • Fourways Mall (North)
  • Hyde Park Centre (South)
  • Montecasino Centre (North)
  • Mutual Village and Mews, Rivonia (East)
  • Riverside Shopping Centre, Bryanston (North)
  • Sandton City (Central/South)
  • The Wedge (East)
  • The Pavilion (East)
  • Benmore Gardens (South)
  • Sandown Centre (East)
  • Kelvin Village (East)
  • New Morningside Shopping Centre (East)
  • 90° on Rivonia


  • Bryanston Country Club (West)
  • Bryanston Sports Club (North)
  • Jewish Guild Country Club (East)
  • Johannesburg Country Club (East)
  • Montague Country Club, Morningside (East)
  • Rivonia Recreation Centre (East)
  • Kelvin Sports Club (East)
  • Malboro Sports Complex (East)
  • Inanda Club (South/Central)
  • Morningside Country Club (East)


  • Ernest Ullman Park, Morningside Manor (East)
  • Sandton Field and Study Centre (South)
  • Outspan Bird Sanctuary (East)
  • Lonehill Kopje (North)
  • Fourways Bird Sanctuary (North)


  • Bryanston Library (North)
  • Rivonia Library (East)
  • Sandton Library – Sandton Square (South)
  • Norscot Library (West)


  • Fourways / Cedar Square (North)
  • Hyde Park (South)
  • Montecasino (North)
  • Sandton City (South/Central)
  • Village Walk (South Central)


  • Sandton Clinic (West)
  • Morningside Clinic (East)
  • Sunninghill Emergency Centre (North East)
  • Sandton Surgical Centre (North)


  • Roman Catholic Church, Rivonia & Bryanston
  • Catholic Church – Woodmead
  • Methodist -  Grosvernor Road, Bryanston
  • Methodist – Lone Close, Lonehill
  • St Mungo's, Grosvenor Road, Bryanston  
  • Jewish – Chabad Sandton, Gallo Manor 
  • Jewish – Sandton Morningside  
  • Mosque – Morningside


  • Virgin Actives – Morningside, Sandton (East)
  • VA – Lonehill (North)
  • PF – Rivonia (East)
  • PF – Fourways
  • VA – Fourways Mall


  • Webber Wentzel
  • Discovery Health
  • Edward Nathan
  • Investec
  • Bowman Gilfillan  

Sandton property experts, business men and professionals all predict a bright, glowing future for Sandton, not only in terms of its residential property value, but also in terms of its commercial significance both within the African continent, and in a global context. The synergy created by the fusion of all of these interests bode well for the future.

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

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2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

5 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Morningside

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5 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Morningside

1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

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1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

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1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

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2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

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3 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Sandown

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3 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Sandown

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Rivonia

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